The following introduction was written by Maggie Finson, and serves as a general introduction to writing in The DarkRealms Universe.


There has been a deal of interest in Ravencrest and its inhabitants, and a lot of questions regarding things such as who is who and what they do to get along in the small town.

With EOF's permission, I decided to put out some guidelines, though given that Dark Realms is currently a dynamic universe, some of the things in this may change as things go on. Don't worry, those of you writing in the universe will be told of the changes once they've happened and I'll work to revise the guidelines as needed.

Just please bear in mind that things change, which happens in any shared universe. Something comes out of the blue from one of the writers, and everyone, or the originator, thinks... “Now that's a good idea...” And things change.

Also be prepared for criticisms, suggestions, and the need to rewrite things at times if your idea doesn't quite fit with what is going on in the ongoing story(ies).

Happens a lot when more than one writer is involved with something, believe me. Grin

So, now that I'm out of teaching mode there, We'll start on the meat of the subject.

Maggie Finson

For more information...Edit

Look at the pages within The Universe category. For example:

Also take a look at Payter's DRU Gazetteer, a regularly updated guide to the people, places and objects in the DRU (so therefore also a useful feedstock for this wiki!)