The Coven
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A witch ruling Council, usually made up of all the main witch families in a town. The members of the Coven depends on how many families are in the town. In Ravencrest, there are seven members because there are seven families.

Coven members wear cloaked hoods which hide their faces.

The Current High Councilor of the Coven in Ravencrest is Agatha Crawford.

The Current High Councilor of the Coven in Skogshaven is Eshne Teague.


Covens are generally spread out within regions. In some of the areas where there is more Unseen than others, there are more Covens but in most incidents there is only one per state. For example, Ravencrest is the only Coven in NY but there are a few in New England, including the one in Skogshaven.

In Europe, there are less Covens. Most European Covens answer to the High Coven in London.


Covens have a heiratchy system of operations which branches. The lowest branch is the Local Coven---a group made up of the families of witches in a given area, usually small towns and cities. Sometimes these local Covens are from several different areas depending on the diversity of the witches. The Covens in Ravencrest and Scogshaven are good examples of this. 

The Local Covens answer to Regional Covens. The Regional Covens govern a much larger area. There are five in the US alone in fact. Ravencrest is the Region Coven of the Northeast for instance. The Regional Coven in Sacramento is the Coven for the West coast.

The Regional Covens answer to a National one in Washington DC. 

The National Coven answers to the international branch---the High Coven.