Delta Beta Zeta

Delta Beta Zeta is a sorority house attached to Ravencrest University. At first glance, there's nothing particularly odd about it... until you meet the residents. DBZ (as it is affectionately known) is a sorority of vampires, founded by Carmilla in 1911, shortly after the original trio discovered they were confined to the town (see Vampires page for more information).

The DBZ GirlsEdit

A summary of the residents of Delta Beta Zeta, together with the year they were turned, whose faction they're in (if known - W = Wisteria, C = Carmilla, I = Independent - i.e. no longer residing in DBZ) and what their powers might be.

Name Yr F Powers
Wisteria 1640s W Can absorb the lifeforce of others through drinking of their blood (this includes memories and some personality etc)
Carmilla 1793 C Empathetic abilities.
Josephine 1863 C (Will be revealed later)
Suzanne 1944 W > I Can mesmer females
Jolene 1976 C Can change the color of any hair she touches.
Theresa 1950s W Can stay out in the sun longer than the others.
Darcille (Darcy) 1960s C Can Mesmer with voice alone - no eye contact needed.
Danielle 1996 C Is able to move far faster than the others.
Charlotte 2000 W Can make her skin hard as rock, enabling her to be nearly indestructible
Jasmine 2005 C Capable of seeing magic and wards.
Degna [1] 2010 C Capable of splitting her consciousness and placing into another person, allowing transfer of thoughts and control of movements.
Kylie (Katie) 2011 W Can see ghosts but this is connected to another power
Pandora 2011 C (Will be revealed later)
Lucy ???? W Can turn herself invisible.
Maxine ???? W Detects potential in new Converts.
Lillian ???? C Sees auras around humans and Unseen.
Genevieve 1999 C > I People around her, or that she makes eye contact with, can't speak anything but the truth.
Carly [2] 1998 C > I Blends into walls.
Reese (One of The Twins) ??? W ???
Regan (One of The Twins) ??? W ???
Annalyn ??? W ???
Cordelia ??? W ???
Violet ??? W ???
Veronica ("Ronnie") ??? W ???


  1. As of October 31st 2011, Degna is no longer a DBZ Girl but a Lost Soul. View her character page for more information.
  2. Killed in a Hunter attack Dec 2011.