Kodiak Bear 1


The Kincades

The Kincade family is one of the most influential and powerful familes in Skogshaven. They own a number of buinesses including one of the local newspapers. Greg Kincade was once the mayor of the town.

The Kincades are the Bears of Skogshaven. Not native to Skogshaven originally, their bear form is that of the Kodiak.

Cousins to the Kincades--The Cordays --live in Ravencrest.

Family Members seen so far:

  • Richard Kincade - Patriarch of the Kincades
  • Ella (Delilah) Kincade - wife of Richard
  • Charlie Kincade - son of Richard and Ella
  • Lori Kincade - wife of Charlie
  • Michael Kincade - son and oldest child of Lori and Charlie
  • Emma Kincade - daughter of Lori and Charile
  • Olivia Kincade - daughter of Lori and Charlie
  • Jacob Kincade - son of Lori and Charlie
  • William Kincade - son of Richard and Ella
  • Amy Kincade - wife of WIlliam
  • Andrew Kincade - son of William and Amy, goes to Ravencrest University
  • Tina (tornado) Kincade - daughter of William and Amy
  • Greg Kincade - Richard's brother
  • Stephanie - wife of Greg
  • Malcomb (Mal) Kincade - Greg Kincade's oldest son
  • Stephen Kincade - son of Greg and Stephanie
  • Brandon Kincade - It has not been mentioned who his parents are but probably William and Amy