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Maggie Wilkes

Maggie is a shy and quiet girl, she makes her first appearance in For the Fairest. Her family are the caretakers of Crowley Manor.

Her middle name is Gertrude which she hates.

In Season of the Witch, Maggie befriends Kelly Daniels. Kelly helps Maggie open up more and socialize. It has recently been shown that Maggie now has friends in many of the social circles in Ravencrest, making her very popular even if she herself doesn't see it.

In Kit and Kin, she's shown to be one of Takeshi's friends as well.

She is one of the few Norms in Ravencrest who know about the Unseen and is an unofficial member of Charlie Drake's Dud Club.

She has a golden retriever named Buttercup.


  1. Timmy- Her 6 year old brother
  2. Gordon Wilkes- Her grandfather
  3. Joanna Wilkes- Her grandmother