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Nancy Bastion is the grandmother of Peter Bastion and the great aunt of David Handle.

General HistoryEdit

She was born on May day in 1915 and has lived a very full life.

During her twenties, she helped many Knights to survive the second world war, including her husband. The awakening of her Seer abilities was the main cause of this.

On June 21st 1956 she had her first, and only, truly prophetic vision. Everything else up to this point, and since, had been flashes of insight, nothing more. In this vision, she saw a young man standing before a tomb. She realized this was the hidden tomb of St. George and wasn't far from the Knight's castle in england.

She knew a couple of things about the boy. The first was he was a direct decendant of Saint George. The second was that she was seeing him on his sixteenth birthday and that it would be another June 21st that he would have to be there to open the tomb.

The Knights have been searching for the tomb of St. George for more than a hundred years because of the weapon rumored to lie within.