An orb of mysterious origin, observed to spread corruption on a truly dangerous scale. It has the ability to resist and repel magic, often corrupting spells with its touch before sending them back.

It has a consciousness that attempts to enslave anyone who touches it. This is done by physically speaking within its holder's mind, punishing refusal to do as it asks with immense pain. In the midst of this, it will work to warp its holder's mind to its own ends. Those who possess the orb often don't realize that this is happening until it's too late, and even those who escape from its machinations are left scarred.

Due to its ability to spread evil, it has been coined the Orb of Aka Manah by its current keepers. It seems to spread ill intent as well as the Demon itself.


It was discovered to be in Ravencrest in September of 2011, where it had manipulated one of its holders to place it within the waters of Lake Crowley. Its corruption was first spotted when it adversely affected several Norms swimming with Ashley Martin in the lake. Ashley herself, due to her Nereid nature, was able to resist the corruption due to it being present in the water. With the orb resisting all spells and threatening to spread beyond the lake, Ashley elected to enter the greviously corrupted lake in a desperate effort to remove the artifact from its waters. It immediately attacked the girl as she attempted to move it, as it simply didn't wish to move. Regardless, Ashley was able to remove it from the lake, where the Witches promptly acquired it and locked it away.

Known WieldersEdit

  • Ashley Martin
  • Kelly Crawford---entranced by Sophie Green
  • Talbot---very briefly before his death