Normal heart

The Order's Crest

The Order of the Sacred Heart

The Order was established sometime after the fall of the Roman Empire by a mysterious figure known only as Gideon. The true purpose of the Order was to hunt down and destroy vampires.

During the Middle Ages--about a century or so after its creation---the Order got corrupted. It took on a more narrowed view point of all Unseen, deeming them "evil" and the "spawns of Satan". They set out to extinguish all Unseen, no matter of their allegiance.

From that point on the Order took on a different name in the eyes of the Unseen---"Hunters".

The Hunters were responsible for many atrocities including nearly exterminating the Locke clan by wiping out most of their female Weres.

Thought all gone, they resurfaced brieflly in the fifties then again in 2011 when they tried to kidnap a special baby and wage war on the Harper Clan.

Though once thought of as one of the biggest threats to Unseen out there, most of the Order has splintered and formed their own factions. They have multiple cells around the world, each one working independently from the other. These cells have their own goals.

Soldiers of the Order are called Hands.