Red man


Formerly Archibold "Archie" Tucker

Age: 21

Rachel was a student at Ravencrest University who was completely unaware of her own heritage as a Succubus and the existence of the Unseen. Prior to her awakening she was a male. She would go on to chose the name Rachel, out of horror from what she had become. Believing that her previous self, Archie, would have never done the things she had done.

With the help of Lillian and her DBZ sister, she would receive a new identity and take the surname McKenna.

She is responsible for turning Col. Steagan into a succubus.


Abandoned at an orphanage as an infant, Archie was never adopted and spent most of his childhood in various orphanages and foster homes. Having never received a name from his mother, Archie was given the name Archibold Tucker by the Nun who found him on the doorstep of the orphanage.

Archie did well in school despite many disadvantages and managed to score well on the SAT and earned a scholarship to Ravencrest University.

He resented being abandoned by his parents and was afraid of letting people get too close. He grew angry and resentful and lashed out at everyone around him. He had very few friends, until he met Daniel Corday, who recognized that beneath Archie's mask of anger and resentment lurked a lonely person who could use a friend. Out of concern for his friend, Daniel frequently pushed Archie to get out and socialize.

It was at Daniel's insistence that Archie agreed to visit a local club. There Archie would meet Selina, and would take her home to have sex with her.

Unfortunately, Selina was unaware that Archie was a fellow succubus and by have sex with him she inadvertently awoke him. She tried to explain this to him the next morning, but he did not initially believe her.

In the company of Selina and Daniel, Archie would soon find himself on the run from a shadowy paramilitary organization known as the Tenebris Petentibus. As he ran he found a strange hunger awakening within him and shortly afterward he would begin to transform. After 'her' transformation, Archie would eventually take the name 'Rachel'.