Main Street, Ravencrest NY

Ravencrest is a a small town in the Catskills that is barely noteworthy at all. Other than the fact that it has a university that is highly regarded though small.

The town was established in the early 1700s and though the area was isolated and difficult to reach back then, the rich soil and plentiful timber, game, and generally friendly relations with the native population did attract enough people to form a viable township. A township that prospered even in bad times and didn't lose population the the cities or westward expansions of the 1800's.

On the surface, Ravencrest is a quiet little town nestled in the beauty of the Catskills. And that is how the inhabitants want it to be. Though that tranquility is a façade.

Under that placid surface, the little town (currently around 30,000 in population), is a hotbed of supernatural beings, all working to maintain the peace and trying to hide in plain sight, so to speak.

The town is almost quaint, with it's old world types of architecture in the town center, and a lot of the residences, but is also very modern under that veneer of old fashioned gentility. The university constantly brings in new people and new ideas that the astute town leaders incorporate into their extant knowledge and practices, so under the old fashioned, small town appearance, Ravencrest is a very vital place. Though people there with radical new ideas are encouraged to move elsewhere, not to get rid of them, but to keep from drawing attention to the insignificant little town that the population at large doesn't want. The ideas stay, and are put to use, but it is considered better to have them shown in public in places other than there. The inhabitants, at least the supernatural ones, don't want the attention. But those are the ones who hold the power and actually run the town, so you can work out how the mundane population is.

Nothing major in the eyes of the world ever happens at Ravencrest. It is just a sleepy little college town to outsiders, and that is how the people there like it. Though at times, it has taken some effort to make sure that anonymity is maintained.

So, Ravencrest is a small, isolated town, not quite a small city, nestled in the beauty of the Catskills and very content to remain obscure.

The town, and all of it's environs are claimed by the Locke family, and Tobias Locke permits the other Unseen to live here, although the other Unseen don't see it this way.

There are three primary divisions of the Unseen in Ravencrest: The Weres, The Witches, and the Vampires. This doesn't mean that there are no other Unseen here, just that these are the public face of a private community.