Selina (no known surname)

Age: Unknown, but appears to be in her early twenties.

Selina is a succubus who mistakenly awakened Archie Tucker after seducing and having sex with him. She dislikes that she must feed on humans, but accepts that she must do so in order to survive.

It is later revealed that Archie and Selina are sisters.


Selina is a breathtakingly beautiful woman who is about five-foot-six inches tall, she has long red hair, blue eyes and an hourglass figure. While she may appear to be in her early twenties she is much older and moves with the confidence and grace of a woman who knows what she wants.


Before her awakening as a succubus, Selina fell in love with a man named Shamus and married him. After making love to him for the first time Selina awakened and fed on her husband and unintentionally killed him in the process. Extremely distraught by what she had done, Selina ran away from her life and completed her transformation while in flight.

Sometime before coming to Ravencrest, Selina was abducted and experimented upon by the Tenebris Petentibus. She managed to escape captivity, but soon found that wherever she went they were soon to follow. When she came to Ravencrest she believed she had finally managed to escape them, but soon discovered that she was wrong.