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Takeshi Saito is a Sophmore at Ravencrest High.

He seems to be friends with a number of the less popular students, and is in fact a popular target for a number of the schools bullies.

Unknown to the rest of the school is the fact that Takeshi has been taught Ninjitsu by his mother since he was younger. He is allowing himself to be bullied as part of learning to play the role assigned to him.

He has two mothers, one Caucausian and one Japanese. His Caucausian mother seems to have a serious dislike of Mr. McCormick. His Caucausian mother is Grace McCormick, the sister of Mr McC. She was temporarily changed to a male via a spell provided by the Witches so that she could father a child. Takashi's other mom is Amane Saito, she is the birth mother of Takashi. Takashi calls her Haha which is Japanese informal for mom. She comes from a Clan of Kitsune's that have been in Ravencrest for a while.

He is deeply in love with Dana Stiles to the point that he daydreams about her and writes love poems. He may write her name in his notebook, but that part is unconfirmed.