Kodiak Bear 1

The Cordays

Like most of the Were groups, the Cordays have a patriarch at their head---the current one being Burton Corday. Burton has three children: Claire, Amy and Henry.

The Cordays are the Bears of Ravencrest. Not native to Ravencrest originally, their bear form is that of the Kodiak.

The Cordays were brought to Ravencrest by Theodore Locke---Tracy's great grandfather. He found them on one his travels, taking them to Ravencrest to avoid persecution.

Cousins of the Cordays---The Kincades---live in the town of Skogshaven. In the town of Majestic Falls, there is a family of Grizzlies---The Ross'--- who are distant cousins of the Cordays as well.

The Cordays have a lot of Native American roots, including a spiritual leader Shaman.

Known Family Members:

  1. Burton Corday
  2. Claire (Ben) Corday
  3. Amy Corday 
  4. Henry Corday
  5. Daniel Corday
  6. Stuart "Stu" Corday
  7. Linda Corday
  8. Donald "Don" Corday
  9. Arnie Corday
  10. Anna Corday