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The Locke family are the most influential family in Ravencrest. They have lived in the area since before it became a town, prowling the nearby forests for centuries.

They are the town's wealthiest family and own a large number of residences and businesses - it could be argued they practically own the town.

The core family currently comprise:

  • Tobias
  • Constance - Tobias' third wife, currently aged 32. Under her maiden name of Reynolds she's the manager of the local bank, Ravencrest Savings and Loan.
  • Tracy
  • Tommy - Tobias' fourth son

Others associated with the core family include:

  • Theodore - Tobias' first son, died in a car accident several years before current events
  • Terrence
  • Marisol - Tobias' second wife and mother of Theodore and Terrence. Lives elsewhere in Ravencrest.
  • Gloria - the Locke's housekeeper (not a relation!)

As the family has been around for generations, there are several branches that no longer reside in Ravencrest but meet up at the family's hunting lodge for weekend breaks or for the gatherings to celebrate a coming of age (when a male child turns 16, during which the family's secret is revealed to them). Tobias is the oldest of five brothers, the others being Thomas, Trevor, Terry and Timothy.

  • Thomas -Said to be living outside of Ravencrest. Is in fact stuck in wolf form, goes by the name Silver.
  • Trevor - age ?, shunned the family's wealth and teaches history at a college. Married to Melanie.
    • Carson Locke - age 18, the closest in age to 'young' Trevor.
    • Max (12)
    • Ben (6)
  • Terry "T Bone" - runs a car dealership
    • Dave (20)
    • Rick (20)
  • Timothy - age 30, coaches basketball at a community center.

More remotely related members of the family who've appeared:
  • Fred
    • Mason (Tobias' cousin, recently returned from military service)

The Wolves of Ravencrest are born hybrid, having werewolf fathers and human mothers. Many Male Wolves have more than one wife, each usually bearing him a son. There are no daughters. Female Wolves have not been born in Ravencrest for many generations so the Wolf clan is slowly dwindling, their blood starting to dilute. Though this might be a sign of weakness, Tobias is trying desperately to hide it from the other Clans.

Alpha WolvesEdit

The Alpha Wolves are a worldwide society of Lycanthropes that consider themselves far superior to other Were Clans. The group consists of Four Core Wolf Families. There used to be five but the Lockes fell out of favor with them after their blood became diluted. The Alphas are old fashion and very prejudice, especially towards Norms and Lesser Weres. 

Alpha Families

  1. Rothchild
  2. Grant
  3. Hooper
  4. Vance

Mikaela Vance's mother fell out of favor with her family after she fell in love with and had a child with a Unknown Were. Things were made worse after she married a human.