Mountain lion
The Stiles clan is the second most powerful group of Weres within Ravencrest and have historically been great rivals of the Lockes (the body of one of their ancestors is in the Locke cabin's trophy room).

The Patriarch of the family was Vernon Stiles before his untimely death. He is survived by three children: two sons and a daughter. His daughter, Dana, is his Heir and, as such, has taken his seat on the Elder Were Council. His eldest son, Damien, is from a fling he had before his marriage. Damien met his untimely and much deserved end at the hands of Tracy Locke.

The family home is Shadowcrest Manor. 

Known Family Members:

  1. Vernon Stiles (desceased)
  2. Damien Cross -- Vernon's son (deceased).
  3. Dana Stiles -- Current Alpha
  4. Derek Stiles
  5. Dylan Stiles
  6. _____

Special Ability: It is common knowledge that Were-Cougars have an innate ability called "gaze-binding".  It is used to paralyze potential "victims" and control them. (Similar to the vampire "mesmer" ability and a witch's Command Spell.)

( More to come soon. )