During the 1950s, Thomas Cane came from a prominent, well respected New England family. But they had a secret too: they were actually Hunters. Thomas arrived in Ravencrest---under the guise of a new student at the college---but his real goal was to seek out Wisteria and eliminate her.



He arrives in Ravencrest under his father's strict orders, orders he does not want to

follow because he doesn't want to be a Hunter.

He suceeds in killing one of her "daughters". An enraged Wisteria captures and converts him.

Theresa has a sweet face but a very sour demeanor. She's quick to anger and doesn't like it when she doesn't get her own way. Its uncertain if any of Thomas's original personality is still there or if all of it was written by Wisteria's magic.

In December 2010, she killed Samatha Wilkins, friend and former lover of Degna. She made the death look like a suicide.


Can stay in the sunlight longer than any other vampire at the sorority.


Because of her Hunter background, Wisteria allowed Theresa to keep that knowledge. As such, Theresa wields two silver curve bladed daggers.


Wisteria uses Theresa as a Recruiter. Theresa also deals with problems that Wisteria is too busy to deal with herself. She has been known to kill for Wisteria when it is called for.