Although Ravencrest is a fairly small town, it's had more than its fair share of significant events. This page lists the key life events for the main characters in the universe (e.g. births, gender flips, marriages, deaths, rebirths etc.). The list also includes improtant dates in the town of Skogshaven.

For convenience, it has also been split into 'The Past' (i.e. events which occured before the main main timeline) and The Present (which covers events in the main timeline).

The PastEdit

Year Event
1640ish Wisteria turned
1793 Carmilla turned
July 3, 1863 Josephine turned
1944 Suzanne turned
May 3, 1996 Danielle is turned

2010/2011 Edit

Date Event
17/9/2010 Eugene mezmered by Theresa but saved at the last minute by Carmilla and Jolene. Carmilla turns him into Degna.
15/8/2011 Morgan (Rynders) Princess of the Summer Court defeats the sorcerer Eoghan. The victory is pyrrhic as the Green Man Guardian of the Sacred Grove is slain. A gateway into the land of the Fae is now left unprotected.; Skogshaven
5/9/2011 Trevor Locke turns into a wolf and a girl on his 16th birthday.
5/9/2011 Craig Harper changes into Cindy.
19/9/2011 Ken Umeki moves from Hawaii to Skogshaven
31/10/2011 Halloween party at DBZ, Kyle turned, Degna dies a second time
31/10/2011 Ashely turned into Pandora, near midnight, by Carmilla
31/10/2011 Vernon Stiles is shot and killed; Tracy turns into her Beast form and kills Damien Cross
3/11/2011 Tracy finds a diary in her room and a mysterious letter
6/11/2011 Tracy and Cindy Harper investigate the contents of the letter after discovering a connection. Their investigation leads them into a slight dead end.
7/11/2011 Degna wakes up after being staked by Wisteria; Discovers she is now in fact a Lost Soul.
10/11/2011 Kelly Daniels leaves his home in California and moves in with his grandmother in Ravencrest.
14/11/2011 Kyle fights with his alter ego "Katie" and defeats her; he is then reunited with the ghost of Degna
15/11/2011 Kyle, now calling herself Kylie, begins her life anew.
16/11/2011 Lily and Braden meet for the first time; Skogshaven
3/12/2011 Kelly Daniels turns 16, becomes a girl permanently
10/12/2011 Archie Tucker meets Selina in a club.

Kimme Umeki discovers she is a bound and sealed Yo-kai, a cat creature named Kimiye, who spirits have now combined. Princess Morgan and her Troupe invade the Shisaa compound to rescue her;  with the death of her grandmother and disappearance of her mother she is now the Head of the Umeki family; Skogshaven

18/12/2011 Kincade's WInter Holiday Party; Skogshaven
20/12/2011 Kelly and Mary are captured by the Black Horn; burn down The Pit in the process of escaping.
27/12/2011 Kelly returns home to Carsonville, California.
30/12/2011 Tracy and her father---Tobias---set out on their father/daughter bonding adventure.
31/12/2011 The Necropolis Rocking New Years Eve Party ; Skogshaven


Date Event
13/01/2012 Dr Matthew Dobson, new Trauma Surgeon at Eastwood Medican Center, seriously injured, while treating a seriously injured woman in a car crash.