The Head Vampire at Delta Beta Zeta. She and her daughter Carmilla have formed a bit of a separation in the House, forming two factions.


Born Victoire DuBois in 1627, the eldest daughter of a Parisian merchant. She has one sibling, Phillipe, now deceased. Phillipe discovered at an early age that he wanted to be known as "Alexandria".

His masquerade was eventually discovered. At the age of 13, Phillipe was beaten to death in an alley. Distraught over his death, Victoria attempted to take her own life by cutting her wrists and throwing herself off the Pont Neuf. Her suicide was discovered and stopped by a mysterious hooded stranger who offered her a chance to start anew. Victoria took it and found herself a vampire that night.She traveled with the stranger---who called himself "Abi"---for many years. She became one of three female traveling companions of his. After an unfortunate bit of circumstances in Salem, Mass. 1692, Victoria fled back to France. For nearly a century she prowled the streets alone---taking on the guise of a prostitute and hiding in the shadows trying to remain hidden.

She discovered then her true power: the ability to absorb the lifeforce of others. Upon drinking the blood of a gypsy, she discovered another gift: she absorbed the girl's magical prowess.

In 1793, she met another Phillipe who reminded her so much of her long gone brother. By turning him---using magic and her blood---into her first daughter, "Carmilla", because she was so sweet.

After traveling the world for many years, in 1911, Wisteria, Carmilla and Carmilla's daughter, Josephine, ended up in a small northeastern mountain town dubbed Ravencrest after the founder.

The three girls and those of Wisteria's blood ended up cursed to remain in the town for the rest of their immortal existences.


Wisteria has the power to take the lifeforce from others when she drinks from them. In doing so she takes memories and sometimes talent. In the case of witches, she takes some of their power. If she drains a Witch dry, she takes all of their power.

Her DaughtersEdit

Chief among Wisteria's daughters is Carmilla who was once a devoted follower of her mother. After coming to Ravencrest, their relationship has been splintered.

Other Notable Daughters

  1. Theresa
  2. Suzanne
  3. Kylie (Katie)
  4. Lucy
  5. Maxine
  6. Annalyn
  7. Cordelia
  8. Violet
  9. Reese 
  10. Regan
  11. Veronica
  12. Charlotte